As a student at Warnborough College, you will have access to our facilities and services. Some of these are detailed below:

Class and Tutorial Rooms

The College has various classrooms within its main administrative building, but uses many nearby classrooms as well. Check your timetable to see where your lessons are being held as these may change every term.

Warnborough College classroom Warnborough College classroom
Warnborough College classroom Warnborough College classroom - tutorial in session
Warnborough College classroom
Classes and lectures held at Canterbury Christchurch University
Warnborough College - class at CCCU Warnborough College - class at CCCU
Warnborough College - class at CCCU Warnborough College - class at CCCU
Lectures at Girne American University
Warnborough College - class at GAU Warnborough College - class at GAU

Student Services

We are committed to looking after you while you study with us. We are like a family – our staff and teachers are friendly, approachable, helpful and knowledgeable.
Our job is to help you achieve your educational goals in the best possible way. Your job is to take advantage of the opportunities that you get when you’re here.

The services we provide include:

  • Welcome packs including local SIM cards, maps and other useful information.
  • Inductions and tours of local utilities and shops.
  • Help with visas or banking.
  • Free WiFi throughout the College building and in most external classrooms.
  • Accommodation placement and welfare services.
  • Academic review and counselling.
  • University application service.
  • Career services such as advice and job placements.
  • Personal counselling and other forms of pastoral support to our students – we are your home away from home.
  • Organising extra-curricular activities such as excursions, sports, theatre visits and other activities.
  • Discounts for clubs, shops and other activities.

Warnborough College students out on tour

IT and Learning Resources

We provide several workstations in the building, and students who are studying subjects which are computer-intensive may avail of the IT laboratories at our partner institutions. Free WiFi is available at College HQ.

Lecture notes, Powerpoints, and other interactive content is available on our Moodle site including access to thousands of peer-reviewed journals and publications.

The Warnborough Moodle

WCUK IT Resources

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