Finding our way on the Fairytale Road

Munich, Kassel and Frankfurt


Language of Instruction: English Eligibility (minimum): Sophomore
Language Prerequisite:  None Course Type:  Short
Professor:  Sandra Hutcheson
Carl Jung believed that the collective unconscious is revealed through the archetypes, forms, and symbols found in fairy tales. The stories we listen to are, like the breadcrumbs in “Hansel and Gretel,” the means by which we find our way home. But it’s in the stories that we tell about our own lives that we find ourselves. Join us as we explore Grimm’s Fairy Tales in the land where they were collected and then learn to write the stories of our own lives.Participants will learn the craft of storytelling as we study popular Grimm’s Fairy Tales. The course includes a two-week memoir writing workshop that will cover how to make nonfiction read like a novel, what and how much to reveal in a memoir, and how to tell a personal story that people who don’t even know you will want to read.
Participants will be eligible for four (4) credits.
german-study-tour2Itinerary Overview  (Information is subject to change)

6 nights in Munich, 3 nights in Kassel, 5 nights in Frankfurt.
All accommodations will be located within hotels near each city.

Included sites and activitiesWriting Workshops

  • Oktoberfest
  • Grimm Brothers Birthplace
  • Gutenberg Museum
  • Neuschwanstein Castle
  • Literaturhaus
  • Grimm Museum
  • Frankfurt Book Fair