Warnborough College Higher Diploma in Business Management (Level 5)

Course Description

Marketing is an important business function – it gets your products and services out there, so that your customers can find you. A Marketing qualification can help you by giving you a foundation in consumer behaviour (what makes the customer tick), an understanding of your product/service, an appreciation for the different techniques which can be used to inform, promote and sell, and the ability to enhance this knowledge if required.

At this level it is focused on strategic level activity and long term market dominance or acquisition.

The Association of Business Executives (ABE) Graduate Diploma (L6) in Marketing is an important qualification pitched at the serious marketer. It is accepted at many universities in the UK and abroad, often seen as equivalent to the first year of undergraduate studies. It can be used as an entry requirement into third year of University or as a stand alone qualification recognized across the world.

Minimum Entry Requirements

  • Any ABE Level 5 Diploma or equivalent qualification;
  • Or a recognised degree or equivalent;
  • And minimum English Proficiency at IELTS 5.5 or equivalent


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