Warnborough College Higher Diploma in Business Management (Level 5)

Course Description

The Graduate Diploma (Level 6) in Human Resource Management programme looks at the strategic implications of the human resource function within an organisation. Students will learn how to plan, create and evaluate Human Resource strategies to meet the corporate mission and objectives, whilst developing staff on a continual basis.Students will go on to explore the theory, practice and strategy of human resource management.

The success of public and private enterprises is dependent on the effective management of its human resources. Irrespective of size, the presence of well-trained and highly motivated staff will enable organisations to meet the fresh challenges that come from a dynamic business environment. Recognition of the importance of human resource management has led to increasing demand for trained and qualified HR professionals and to the development of a clearly defined career structure which rises to the highest levels across all sectors of industry. At the present time demand for trained and qualified Human Recourse professionals is outstripping supply.

Minimum Entry Requirements

  • Level 5 Diploma or equivalent qualification;
  • Or a recognised degree or equivalent;
  • And minimum English Proficiency at IELTS 5.5 or equivalent


Optional units (choose two from)